Curry Favour was established in 2017 and can be found in retailers in Melbourne.  You may have seen us serving up bowls of Thai curry at markets and events throughout Australia. 

Curry Favour was founded by Chef and curry paste fanatic, Bridget Francis. 

So why fresh curry pastes?

I’m obsessed with them.  I love the colours, aromas and consistency.  And I love the different meals I can create using them. 

But what would I know about Thai curry paste?

I know that the best curries are made from fresh curry pastes.  And I know this because I grew up in South East Asia.  Wondering through markets on the weekends with my friends to buy CDs, I remember seeing all of the fresh pastes and sauces on display.

I’ve also been a Chef in Melbourne for the past eight years.

I was making fresh Thai curry pastes at a restaurant and they reminded me of all of the fresh paste I found in markets throughout South East Asia.  And I thought, why don’t we do this here? We have a tropical north.

So I made some up at home but it involved too much work for one meal.  And like most people, I’m busy.  My next choice was the Asian aisle in the supermarket.  But the Thai curry pastes lacked flavour and were filled with preservatives, nasty oils, refined sugar and ingredients I couldn’t pronounce to make them shelf stable.

You also had to purchase the whole jar.  And who really uses the whole jar?  It sits in your fridge amongst the many other half-filled jars of condiments which I know we all end up throwing away!

I created recipes for a yellow, green and red curry paste in a single serve pouch and headed to a Farmers’ Market in St. Kilda in May 2017 predicting to sell 10 but sold 70. 

We are only at the beginning and continuing to grow, spreading our fresh Thai curry paste movement across Melbourne and beyond! 

So go on, what are you waiting for?  Everyone is going to think you’re a seriously good cook!