Use our fresh curry pastes to whip up a Laksa by simply adding 1 tbsp of curry powder.  We recommend using our yellow (mild) or red (hot) curry paste.  

Gluten, dairy and nut free

Serves 4-6


70g Curry Favour paste
1 x 400ml can coconut cream
1 tbsp of curry powder
1 litre of water or stock
Pinch of caster sugar
Fish sauce or salt to taste
750g of shelled prawns
3 cups of bean sprouts
500g green beans,  trimmed and cut in half
1 packet of tofu puffs, cut in half
250g rice vermicelli
Thai basil leaves
Fried shallots
2 limes

Cooking instructions

1. Bring a large pot of water to the boil and cook rice vermicelli according to packet instructions. Drain and set aside.

2. Heat 2 tbsp of light flavoured oil in a heavy based sauced and cook out curry paste and curry powder until fragrant. Add stock and season with sugar and fish sauce. Bring to the boil.

3. Add coconut cream and reduce to a simmer. Add tofu puffs and green beans.  Add prawns last, turning off the heat when just cooked.

4. To serve, divide rice vermicelli into bowls and distribute prawns, green beans, and tofu puffs evenly. Pour over broth and garnish Laksa with bean sprouts, Thai basil, fried shallots and lime wedges.